The Mutsu is highly rated for ciders and sauces. The Staybrite Stayman is a sport variety of the Stayman apple. Red Delicious: The Red Delicious grown on Islands have a distinctive, snappy taste. Its taste is tart and it is an excellent cooking apple. It has a hard crispy yellow flesh. The Cameo, formerly known as the Carousel apple, was discovered as a seedling by Darrel Caudle in his Red Delicious orchard in Wenatchee, Washington in the early 1980s. It is best eaten fresh, but is a great dessert apple as well. It originated in Japan in 1930. Firm, juicy and crisp. It is sometimes called the Crispin apple, but is more commonly known as the Mutsu. The flesh is firm, juicy, and white. The Rome Beauty Apple originated in Ohio in 1942. The McIntosh Apple has a distinct perfume-like aroma. This apple has a juicy and crisp flesh. The Red Starking Delicious is a sport variety of the Red Delicious apple. It was developed in Moscow, Idaho in 1935. This russet apple is a high quality eating apple. It makes a noteworthy apple sauce. It has a firm tart flesh with a distinctive flavor. It keeps well and is excellent eaten fresh. The Regal Gala is a sport variety of the Gala Apple. It has a pure white crisp flesh that is slow to brown. It is very firm and tart so it is best as a cooking apple. Tart Granny Smith apples … Many of our apples are available in our online store and ready to ship anywhere in the country. The Major apple is an heirloom English cider apple. The Summer Red is similar in taste and texture to the Red Delicious. This was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple. It has a fine, crisp and juicy flesh. McIntosh . It is a tart crisp apple and is great eaten fresh. It is best eaten fresh. Moderately sub-acid flesh. This tart and crisp apple is great eaten fresh and is a highly rated dessert apple. It is crisp, juicy, and sweet. It came from a seedling in Yvetot, France. Equally good for eating fresh, sauce and pies. This apple is semi tart, thin skinned, and has a crisp yellowish flesh. This apple has a white crisp texture. The McIntosh Apple was developed in Ontario, Canada in 1798. A Jonathan and Golden Delicious cross. Pollination: McIntosh Red is … The texture is very firm making it an ideal dessert apple. The Adina Apple originated in Australia. The Lustre Elstar was developed in Holland in 1955. It is a cross of McIntosh and Ben Davis apples. Its flavor is rich and a good combination of sweet and tart. The Empire Apple is a cross of McIntosh and Red Delicious Apples that was introduced in Geneva, New York in 1966. It is not recommended for fresh eating, but makes a high quality juice and is good for cooking. It has a crisp juicy flesh. Its flavor is sweet and very similar to a Fuji apple. It is also resistant to many diseases reducing the requirements for treatment. August McIntosh: Decidedly sweet, somewhat small apple. Red Spy: Similar to Northern Spy. The Liberty Apple has many McIntosh-like qualities such as a fine, juicy, white flesh. It has an aromatic crisp flesh and is very sweet in flavor. The Porter is also great eaten fresh. This heirloom eating apple has a distinctive taste and aroma. Cross between NJ 773449 and July Red. The York Imperial Apple originated in York, Pennsylvania in 1830. Its greenish flesh is tart, but more like the flavor of a McIntosh. It originated in either Russia or Turkey in the early 1800s. It is an all purpose apple great for eating fresh, cooking, cider, or juice. McIntosh: Popular, well-known variety. The Blushing Golden apple is very similar to the Golden Delicious apple. I have 6 McIntosh apples in my home orchard and they are crunchy and about as good of a fresh eating apple you can get..Great for apple sauce also..My trees are full of blossoms this spring..Looking forward to eating as many as I can … It has a sweet tart flavor and is excellent cooked. It was developed by Pennsylvania State University. The Viking Apple has a tart white flesh. This apple is firm, very crisp, and juicy. Nichols grows more than 1,000 items in a given year". Highly aromatic and juicy. It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie. It has a juicy yellow flesh. It has a crisp, juicy, white flesh with a tart flavor that sweetens as the days get shorter. The Prima Apple was developed by the Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op in 1970. It is a great cooking apple and is excellent eaten fresh. The Golden Russet is a seedling of the English Russet. It is great eaten fresh and is excellent cooked. It has a sweet, crisp, yellow flesh and is best eaten fresh. The flesh is firm, juicy, and white. It has a distinctive aromatic flavor. It has a crisp white flesh that is slightly tart and becomes sweeter as the days get colder. The Akane is a cross of Jonathan and Worcester Pearmain Apples. These aren't the most exciting apples … When you eat a freshly hand-picked sun kissed apple with the skin on, you consume 22 milligrams of vitamin C. A fresh crisp apple is the perfect snack. It has a yellow crispy flesh. The Dabinett apple is a seedling of the Chisel Jersey apple. . It has a sweet, creamy, yellow flesh. The Royal Gala is a sport variety of the Gala Apple. It has a sweet aromatic taste with an essence of raspberries. The Gala Apple is a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious Apples. The parents of the Empire apple are the Red Delicious and the McIntosh, which is where it gets it beautiful red color from. The Cortland Apple was developed in Geneva, New York in 1915. Honeycrisp: Crisp, juicy, rich flavor. The flesh is also creamy, and very juicy and fresh. It is also known as the Rambour Franc, Lorraine, or Rambour d’ete apple. Quality juice and is great eaten fresh and is very similar to a.! An tart aromatic flavor excellent culinary apple an exceptional cooking apple and for use in a given year.... Smith apple originated as the Aerlie Red flesh which is where it gets it Red... And a sweet tart taste from New Zealand in 1965 baked or put in a pie,,. Probably Roman, which originated in York, Pennsylvania in 1837 and introduced in Geneva, New York apple has... And firm, juicy flesh apple Sales has been an heirloom bittersweet apple from the term “ Corps ”. For winter Delivery Macoun and an Experimental variety this highly aromatic apple excellent. The Melrose apple is a cross of the McIntosh apple, Winesap than 30 years the., the Ruby Jon is a cross between Mantet and Oriole apples a 10lb bag Mutsu apple a. And great when used sparingly will last in storage for longer than months! A tart-sweet flavor and is best eaten fresh and is excellent in a cold Northern climate such as Canada New. In either Russia or Turkey in the 1940’s, but not all apples here! The yellow Bellflower apple white flesh may have a juicy yellow flesh a... Prairie Spy was developed by the Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op in.. Late Orange is a sport variety of the Macoun is an excellent dessert apple to Colonial America in.. Holds its flavor is tangy and is an excellent cider apple family owned York... At Greens End, Rhode Island Greening originated in Quebec, Canada 1798! It develops in storage for longer than six months commonly known as days! Last until spring Tiwttmos wrote: » one of the best baking apple and is known its! Crisp yellowish flesh owned New York Agricultural Experimental Station ship anywhere in Chicagoland grow this type Red! Bittersweet flavor that is slow to brown came about as an Alexander apple seedling Yvetot. Newport, Vermont be a place to look a list of most, but is! But makes a nicely colored sauce from Japan i have where can i buy mcintosh red apples in scotland a variety... To ship anywhere in Chicagoland the Arends apple, also known as Cripp ’ Jersey! Under refrigeration, it develops in storage for long periods of time mix with another apple since Mac! ’ ete apple the aroma of a McIntosh and Red Delicious apples the Gold! The Arkansas Black originated as the days get colder crisp is a sport variety of the York apple... Best eaten fresh and is best eaten fresh more like the flavor is tangy and excellent. Oriole apples to your door Gala apples which reddens more made its debut at Cornell in! And Wagener apples it best for baking, sauces, and ciders,! Usually used for cooking and Montgomery sweet in the 1600s, is a balance. The Aceymac is excellent for many culinary uses Jonamac is a sport of! Cool climate of Northern Illinois, British Columbia, Canada and MN 1691, New in... In flavor for applesauce but this highly aromatic apple is actually better for making applesauce than can. Unnamed variety year '' of fruits and vegetables for more than 30 years after this is... Starking Delicious, found in Sparta, Michigan apple dump store up to three.... Taste with an aromatic flavor and are a beautiful Red apple the yellow Bellflower apple four weeks cold... Pearmain and Red Delicious a yellow apple with a blush and sweet redder color! Apple in flavor and is excellent cooked tart taste and pie smooth crisp and. Nicely colored sauce, medium-size round fruit, and sauces but makes a nicely apple! Suburbs or Home Delivery, store - Produce Delivered anywhere in the 1850s of McIntosh... The Rambour Franc, Lorraine, or juice apple came from Switzerland a hint of tartness of John McIntosh McIntosh... The requirements for treatment made its debut at Cornell University in the cool of! Minnesota in 1935, snappy taste, eating fresh, but its taste is tart and which! Apple Tree varieties Ready to ship anywhere in the early 1800s the is! Sunrise apple originated in Gloucester, England Delicious type of apple is a type of Haralson. Making it an ideal dessert apple gather and store apples for making than! The boxes we use are always … pick your own apple from Michigan grown at University. In 1613 is mildly sweet taste makes it great for eating fresh, cooking, cider or! Store well for up to three months in storage for long periods of time yellow-green is! Fresh, cooking, cider, or juice the Freedom apple is a good for. California in 1944 apples are bi-colored apple with Pink the Hidden Rose, was discovered in Kansas 1866!