It stands to reason that the best player in the world is going to be considered more likely to win than his opponent. In both situations, it doesn’t matter if the team you bet on wins by one point or 100 points. Let’s say you decide to bet $100 on the Packers to win by more 7 points and the final score is Packers 30, Seahawks 21. Read more in our guide here . less when betting on an outcome that’s likely than when betting on an outcome that is unlikely. When you see “-” that means you are going to have to risk more than you win, while with “+” odds you risk less than what you will win. The bigger the favorite the more you will have to risk to earn back your initial wager. If the total is more than 2 goals you win the bet, and if it’s less than 2 goals you lose the bet. The term 2.5 goals is used because you are betting on one of the following: 2 goals or less being scored (The Under 2.5 goals market) 3 goals or more being scored (The Over 2.5 goals market) Let’s say a team is listed at -140 on the moneyline. Therefore, a Betting sites have a number of tools to help you to stay in control such as deposit limits and time outs. The commonly used word 'bet' can also mean 'for sure' Although "bet" usually means to risk something or feel sure about something, it is now commonly used as a brief response. It can be used in lieu of the word "OK" or "YES," but it can also be used as a response when someone challenges you, instead of saying "watch" or "we'll see." In that situation you would bet an exacta wheel where the bet would be set up to pay if the #1 wins and either 2-3-4 finish second. Bet: "Bet" is a word that has many uses. The top UD definitions are old and doesn't seem to match how I've seen it used. To bet the Miami Dolphins to win on the money line, you would spend $100 on the bet for a chance to win $220 if the Dolphins, as the underdog, beat the Patriots. But idk if examples will help because a friend of mine said he has heard it in a manner that demonstrates that someone agrees with another but I've heard it used in a manner that shows you are doubting what someone said In this case, you are placing half a bet on over 2.0 and the other half on 2.5. Allow me to explain. Note: sometimes you’ll see … "Bet" is now used as a positive, laidback synonym for "OK." … You can either bet that the team will lose by less than the predicted amount (ATS), or get better than even-money odds that it will win the game outright. So what exactly are you betting on when it comes to Over or Under 2.5 goals? It also means that a bet on the underdog team would win if the underdogs lost by less than 6.5 points (6 or less) or won the game outright. What Does 2.5 Goals Mean? Example of NFL Spread Bet If the total goal of the match is 2 goals, you lose half your original bet (the other half is a push). This would mean in order for a bet on the favored team on the spread to win they would need to win by more than 6.5 points (7 or more) in order to win the bet. Your return would be $320 – the original $100 stake (bet) and the $220 profit. Imagine a tennis match where the player ranked number one in the world is pitted against the player ranked 137th. If you think you aren’t in control of your gambling then seek help immediately from BeGambleAware or Gamcare. Ohio is where i live.