Provided prompt and courteous customer service in a fast paced, high volume atmosphere Assisted in menu planning assigned tasks to and lead a team of 5 staff under the Owner/chef. Developed new recipes for daily food specials. Assisted with recipe standardization and food preparation. “Always stay calm” First of all, the preparation time is comparable for most dishes in a typical restaurant. Maintained inventory,portion control and food cost while ensuring food quality standards. Standardized recipes to ensure consistent food preparation results. For example, 23.3% of Head Chef resumes contained Kitchen Equipment as a skill. Planned monthly staff and production schedules, and monitored equipment maintenance and sanitation of kitchen facilities. Grilled Meat for Main Entr es We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Head Chef resumes they appeared on. “Focus on your work, not the titles” Liaised with other departments to ensure that all food service needs were met. Cleaned food service area after night operations ended. Approved all inspections.Cooked for in house guest along with catering private parties. Aided in ordering and food cost controls, monitored P&Ls. Approving and “polishing” dishes before they reach the customer. Trained staff on line as well as dishwashing and pulled BOH meetings to keep staff updated with operations and kitchen rules/duties. Professional kitchens are extremely high stress environments, especially during service and it takes discipline and nerves of steel to not freak out. We work long hours, miss holidays and don’t get much sleep. Ordered all food and dry goods while maintaining food and labor costs. Executed daily operations of camp kitchen, along with all special events, including supervision of a staff of 17 workers. Purchased and requested food items and kitchen supplies. Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage or cross-contamination. Maintained lowest food and labor costs throughout the company, managed inventory. Managed front/back of house restaurant operations. Cooked the line,helped sous chef, ran kitchen clean and safe. Managed cooking staff, prepared food, and ordered food products. Sense of taste and smell. The Head Chef typically manages through subordinate managers and professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity. Let us move to the meat of the matter now – pros and cons associated with chef and cooking career. My palate. For example, one assistant may be needed for desserts, another for pastas, and a third for side items. The most important element of your career as a chef is to generously share your abundant love for food with your customers, guests and colleagues, and give them the opportunity to explore new cuisines, flavours and experiences. Monitored the inventory and organized storage areas to prepare the weekly food delivery. Attended business meetings and collaborated with other personnel for menu planning, and serving arrangements. Ensured wastage is minimized by careful supervision of food preparation methods. Supervised preparation of menu items, and execution of all food products. It’s vital to keep creating new flavours and dishes while staying true to the character and identity of your cuisine of choice. Provides input to strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility. It’s also about hiring and training staff, guiding and inspiring people and being involved in public relations. Their duties revolve around assisting the head chef in preparing food by chopping and washing vegetables and meats and arranging salads, breads, sauces and dressings. Specialized in Healthy Cuisine; Allergy Specific, Dietary Restrictive and Client Specific. Maintained a clean and safe working environment for all fellow staff members. Maintained kitchen equipment and created food preparation reports. Managed kitchen personnel including fry cooks, prep cook, platers, and dishwashers. Developed program to train existing personnel on usage, safety and sanitation of new kitchen equipment. What They Do: Chefs and head cooks oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants and other places where food is served.. Work Environment: Chefs and head cooks work in restaurants, private households, and other establishments where food is served.They often work early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. Working as a Head Chef typically requires 3+ years of managerial experience. Planned and prepared menus for all meals, daily specials & catering. The only way you will get to the top is through hard work and dedication. Procured high quality products within allowable budget. Established all criteria improving all kitchen The average salary for a Head Chef is $47,260. Developed new recipes to build company portfolio. For example, 23.3% of Head Chef resumes contained Kitchen Equipment as a skill. Maintaining records such as attendance and payroll. Provided my account with quality food and customer service. There can be too much focus on achieving the next level, when the main goal for your career should be improving your skills and furthering yourself by embracing new opportunities. Managed all business operations Managed kitchen staff of eight, to provide consistent high quality meals, while ensuring cleanliness and safety. It’s a real passion and from the minute you wake up till it’s time to sleep, you are always thinking about food, what goes with what, what’s new and what do you love to cook. Ordered kitchen food products and supplies. Catered private parties offering buffet or per/plate service. Started as a Sous Chef and was promoted to Head Chef. a rare or well done steak dish) are met. Re-economized Prairie Seeds inventory management and product selection processes to save $4,300 in the first month of employment. Ordered specific items needed to run daily operations for the restaurant. A chef is a trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation, often focusing on a particular cuisine.The word "chef" is derived from the term chef de cuisine (French pronunciation: [ʃɛf.də.kɥi.zin]), the director or head of a kitchen.Chefs can receive formal training from an institution, as well as by apprenticing with an experienced chef. There’s a lot of talk in the kitchen between chefs who let their egos get way out ahead of their actual skills and knowledge. You can do this by listening to the direction of your current head chef or kitchen manager and keep on top of things, without having to be told. Provided on-going training to provide portion controlled and pleasing meals for all clients. Performed all daily operations for entire kitchen. Trained numerous line cooks, Coordinated purchasing of kitchen supplies and equipment. Trained and monitored all kitchen personnel. Presided over day-to-day operations, directing 30 FOH and BOH employees including providing training and evaluating performance. Trained new employee line cooks on proper cooking methods and restaurant operations. Provided employee training in cooking methods, presentation techniques, portion control, safety and sanitation. Estimated amounts and costs and requisitioned supplies and equipment to ensure efficient operation. Is it only skills or your attitude as well? Maintained compliance with all quality, sanitation standards, and guidelines. Executed portion, quality, and cost control. Participated in sous chef training and development. Helped maintain and control food and labor costs. Keep an open mind and take all criticism constructively, because everyone is going to have an opinion. What Are a Head Chef’s Duties? Directed the staff with daily specials, training and development to increase productivity with maintaining a high quality product. Head chefs usually start out as an assistant chefor even a prep/line cook. Worked to set par levels and produce a high quality consistent product by ensuring that recipes were followed. Maintained HACCP sanitation standards, recognized trouble areas, and responded accordingly. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Head Chef resumes they appeared on. If you give up you’ll never get there. Purchased and maintained necessary equipment needed to perform all restaurant operations. Preparing a resume for the head chef job entails completing the sections of the resume with relevant information. Head chef definition: the chief cook in a restaurant | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Cooked Be bold, but know your limitations and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Prepared and served a variety of Asian cuisine to customers. Planned/directed food preparation and culinary activities. serving staff. Created three seasonal menus (appetizers, entrees and desserts) and all daily specials and soups. “The industry will change many times through your career” Maintained the efficiency of service to customers by implementing suggestions of staff members and active team members. Led activities to ensure high levels of productivity by efficiently opening and closing kitchen, expediting food and maintaining sanitation standards. Hired, trained, and scheduled all staff members. Coordinated menus and ordered food and kitchen supplies. Trained staff to prepare the traditional Japanese cuisine. Ordered and received ingredients. Communicated and instructed sanitation practices throughout the day. Controlled food and labor costs without sacrifice to exceptional levels of quality. Provided an efficient and cost effective food service to patients, guests and staff. Prepared meals, provided quality food services and helped cooks by supplying food and preparation assistance. Cooked balance and nutritious meals for patients in a mental hospital facility. Chef De Partie: This role is sometimes referred to as ‘line chef’ and involves overseeing a section of the kitchen such as fish, pastry or sauces. Chefs and head cooks often work long shifts and sometimes spend entire evenings on their feet, overseeing the preparation and serving of meals. Performed managerial duties such as menu management, cost control, recipe development, ordering, labor administration, and inventory. Developed standardized recipes, menus, maintained our reputation as a High Quality, from Scratch food service provider. Managed kitchen staff members for meal preparation, service and cleanup; Sous Chef (aka Second Chef) - The sous-chef de cuisine is second in command, and translated it literally means ‘under chef’. In charge of creating new dishes with on farm ingredients, Supervised crew members and all catering functions* Created menu plans weekly* Responsible for purchasing and verifying orders* ServSafe Certification. Food cost, inventory and ordering. You have to work extremely hard if you want to be a successful chef, and unlike cooking shows, things can get intense and no scenes will be cut. The kitchen is a like a military field, so you need to be disciplined and highly organised in every Prepared and cooked Italian/American foods, on a regular basis and/or for special guests or functions. Stay true to what you believe, but never undermine your guests’ expectations because your standard for yourself should be higher than that. Performed payroll calculations on a regular basis. This should be the main reason for you to become a chef. Monitored safety and sanitation practices to ensure state and federal compliance. To participate in the identification of training needs of all staff within line of responsibility on both an individual and group basis, including work methods, safety at work, health, hygiene and quality. Don’t listen to it and be confident in what you know (and don’t!). Preformed nightly, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance to kitchen equipment. Managed six staff members and playing a major role improving restaurant and banquet menus while lowering food costs. Above all don’t accept mediocrity in yourself or your team. Directed general restaurant operations monitoring food quality and staffing requirements to ensure a positive and exceptional dining experience for every guest. Proved high quality of supervision for health and safety issues with banquet and restaurant services. Led a team of talented line cooks through nightly dinner services, brunch services, and on/off site catering events. Organized, prepared and expedite menu items during high volume service while following proper food safety and sanitation standards. Becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot of chefs have lost their jobs. Managed all aspects of food preparation, ordering, menu development, food cost, and the training of all staff. Reduced operating cost by 50%. Managed the daily operations of the kitchen and the back of the house function Crated restaurant menus, overseeing of daily operations. Improved financial efficiency of operations by addressing issues of cost control, marketing, and demand. Determined food presentation, preparation and created decorative food displays. 59 Tell me what was your greatest accomplishment as as Head Chef? Developed product ranges, established quality standards, selected and evaluated suppliers. In order to work your way up to the top, a head chef needs up to five years of experience with hands-on training in all areas of the kitchen. Contributed to the integration of a POS system, programming, and staff training. When you’re young, you will probably think you know it all, but as a voice of experience let me tell you that you don’t and never will. Created recipes, designed food and beverage menus, ordering and inventory management of all products. And above all, be a good observer, have an open mind and ask question and never be afraid to say ‘show me’. Promoted from Sous Chef to head Chef during the first year. Started as Chef de Cuisine, and promoted to Executive Chef. You can make the patties ahead; come dinnertime, just throw them on the grill. Retained kitchen, dish, and storage areas clean and organized. Created menu which blended new American with traditional Irish cuisine. As the Head Chef, your role will be to lead a team of chefs and KPs, ensuring great food quality, as well as managing labour and food cost to budget.You will be passionate about training and developing your chefs so that the kitchen functions to the same high standards whether you're on shift or not! Learn as much as you can from them, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. Maintained, scheduled service and upkeep for all kitchen equipment. HEAD CHEF Job Description The Head Chef is responsible for ensuring that the standard and quality of the food production and the hygiene within the department is maintained at the highest level at all times. Directed the development of new menu items based on guest trends, preferences, and seasonal considerations. Managed food service operations including Catering, College Cafeteria and Daycare meals. In order to become a solid head chef you need to go through a variety of situations and steps in different positions, such as working in a free standing restaurant, having hotel experience and so forth. Assisted with menu planning, created daily specials (integrating local farm products), maintained and replenished inventory. What Preparation and Education Is Required to Become a Chef?. Assigned work to all kitchen personnel and supervised their kitchen activities. To be a solid head chef it doesn’t just involve the kitchen. Personal Requirements. Reduced food cost by 5-10% while maintaining quality standards. When someone in my kitchen is nervous, it makes me nervous in their ability and performance. Maintained high sanitation practices and scores. Maintained all inventory and priced with vendors, placing orders for all kitchen and FOH needs. We asked a range of chefs from our network who are currently running kitchens to dish out their top tips for getting to the top. Controlled inventory, catering, menus, and worked with clients directly to ensure special dietary needs were met. It takes a variety of both hard and soft skills to be a great chef who can effectively command a kitchen. Instill a love of cooking in every corner of the kitchen. Direct kitchen operations, including food preparation, cooking, and cleanup Make people remember you for everything that you do well and continuously push the boundaries to make your dishes better. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Head Chef. “Be prepared to work harder than you ever have before” Executed daily operations of managing a fine dining restaurant. Sense of taste and smell. Provided an assortment of custom designed dishes for food service. Managed and trained staff and co-ordinate daily operations of restaurant Ensured efficient operations that aligned with regulatory compliance for restaurant operations. Managed 3 cooks and 4 kitchen staff in preparation of entrees, specialty dishes, and desserts in high volume restaurant. Each can be put together in somewhere between 4-10 minutes. Established and enforced sanitation standards for restaurant. Included menu development and preparation, food cost control, health and safety and training/management of kitchen team. Prepared meals daily, food ordering, Monthly Menu planning, complies with the nutrition guidelines of the daycare facility. Managed Catering and Banquet operations, and maintained food and labor costs at a minimum. Led and oversaw menu planning, preparation and presentation of food, planning daily and monthly specials, and kitchen hygiene. Provided high quality dining service for upper class professionals in an upscale and historic country club. “Let people come to you” Ordered and maintained kitchen equipment. Executed daily operations of cooking and prepping food. Sometimes a head chef needs a full kitchen staff to help the kitchen run smoothly. Managed high volume catering events including P.G.A. Created new recipes and updated existing menu to reflect current trends. Cooked vegetarian and vegan meals for 20 to 150 people daily, incorporating vegan, gluten free and ayurvedic options. Cooked /prepared high-quality, nutritious meals with excellent food presentation according to recipes and/or menu. Managed daily operations. * Planned, prepared, and served healthy vegetarian meals. Coordinated simultaneous events in various locations on a regular basis. Started as Line Cook/Sous Chef was promoted to Head Chef. Managed Employees* Lowered Food and Labor Costs* Increased Sales and Profits. Provided 5 star world cuisines while maintaining a positive work environment and a fun charter atmosphere. Created and developed a magnitude of delectable salads and entrees for a popular high volume restaurant with considerable clientele. A lot of young chefs have the right talent and drive, which is wonderful, but experience is the key and it only comes with time. Handled FOH problems, involving customer satisfaction. Added several menu items and created off menu, daily specials. Participated in food preparation and production. Determined how food should be presented and created decorative food displays. Cooked and prepared dishes keeping with local and state safety standards. Demonstrated all kitchen sanitation practices, ensure a fresh quality product. Managed 15 employees in a High Volume, upscale casual style restaurant. Created new menu items and supervised daily food preparation and presentation. Supervised Line cooks & Kitchen staff, Managed three to four cooks nightly Created a Meat Class to educate new FOH staff about the beef that is used and other menu specifications. Maintained accurate records of all foods purchased and/or stored in a method responsible for maintaining accurate inventory of all kitchen supplies. A great head chef should constantly evolve. Chefs are responsible for directing the cooking staff and for making numerous decisions related to everything from food production to administrative issues. Conducted hiring and training of BOH staff. Regulated stock, purchasing as well as cost control. Executed all restaurant operations including hiring, progressive disciplinary measures, firing, management/supervisory and staff training. “Surround yourself with the top people in the industry” 6. Started as a line cook and worked my way to Sous Chef the following year and advanced to Head Chef. “Keep evolving” Increased revenue over a period of four years by 12% by introducing locally grown farm to table menu items. Managed both front and back of the house staff for lunch and dinner service. Responsibilities: Interact with every guest in a friendly, professional, and caring manner, careful to treat each guest with the utmost respect and courtesy; Utilized training and creativity for daily specials, especially pastas, fish, and soups. Worked as Sous Chef and promoted to Head Chef in less than 6 mo. Analyzed recipes to assign prices to menu items, based on food, labor, and overhead costs. Prepared meals for 500 corporate employees and catered private parties for management executives. Prepared meats, seafood, and vegetables for line cooks. Becoming a chef is not easy. Directed supervision of Sous Chef, Hygiene staff and 9 others. No matter how hard it gets, never give up. Averaged 7000 high quality nutritious meals monthly. You need to always keep up with the times and make sure you check out what other top professionals are doing by reading their books and eating in their restaurants. Great chefs work long hours perfecting their craft, whether it’s actual cooking, reading or checking out new restaurants. Monitored sanitation practices to ensure the employees follow standards and regulations are maintained throughout all kitchen areas at all times. However,... Sign up and receive exclusive emails and deals from us. You will manage the daily operations of the kitchen, oversee the kitchen staff to ensure that the highest quality of cuisine is served to our guests, and ensure that all food and labor cost goals are met. Stay focused. Supervised, coordinated and directed all culinary activities within the food service department. Organized daily meals around dietary restrictions Things to know before becoming a personal chef, Out of work chef? Helped stream line operations by cutting down on labor costs and improving ticket times. Coordinated tasks of cooks and other kitchen personnel in preparing and cooking food. Provided fast quality food and superior customer service to thirty tables. Maintained strict safety standards and organized all kitchen equipment to maximize productivity. By the time one becomes a head chef, they’ve lived years of their life working 15-hour shifts and missing most holidays. In large kitchens, the head chef … Get Direct Job Offers  |  Login  |   Hiring? Planed menus of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. Managed kitchen operations and developed all menu items. Transformed small home-based business into a full time operation * Created an offering of high quality European style pastries. Cooked for a 150 residents Delegate task to staff members Order supplies needed for the kitchen Handled special machinery i.e. Assisted in opening new cafes at Google with planning, organizing and staff training. As long as I understand the flavors and can pick up on the when I taste, then I will always be useful. Directed all kitchen operations including food preparation and inventory maintenance. Ensured cleanliness and basic maintenance of kitchen spaces and equipment; coordinated maintenance and repair of kitchen equipment. Prepared and served quality food according to recipe standards, regular and modified. Maintained quality food preparation and presentation. Created new menu items and daily specials; cut steaks to order. Cleaned and sanitized kitchen and works areas, ensuring compliance with ServSafe procedures and health regulations. We are currently recruiting for a Head Chef in a City Centre Branded restaurant. Verified food quality, presentation, and portion control before meals. Assisted chef in preparing nutritious meals to young children while maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the kitchen. Upon completion of culinary school, prep cooks can become junior chefs in the kitchen. Supervised staff in food preparation, proper food handling and sanitation resulting in health inspection score of 95 and higher. Actively responds to and handles guest problems and complaints. Established solid working relationships with vendors, negotiated best prices, and placed orders for food products and supplies. Always remember that, as a chef, you’re as good as your last meal. Promoted to head chef, after an introductory 7 month span with the company as Head Sous Chef. Practiced good portion control to minimize food wastage. Monitored food cost and labor by portion control, using par on prep, and cutting labor on slow days. Here’s 5 ways to boost the appeal of CV, Chef CV: How to handle job gaps and job hopping. For example, one assistant may be needed for desserts, another for pastas, and a third for side items. Created & Updated menus and daily specials to meet new trends, using local products when possible. Provided a menu tailored to special dietary needs and seasonal ingredients. Directed all US Embassy special events & menu planning for distinguished guests, including military, ministerial & presidential VIPs. Assisted with food preparation, accurately measured ingredients for specific food items. |  Blog Home. Demonstrated continuous commitment to reducing food and labor costs. Standards of safety, organization, product quality and personnel performance. Prepped and prepared food in a high volume enviroment serving employees Breakfast and Lunch. Created daily specials to compliment existing menu selections. Purchased all food and nonfood supplies, Maintained the kitchen and storage areas. Advantages & Disadvantages of an Executive Chef. Trained and manage kitchen personnel and supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities. Prepared and managed Milwaukee Baseball League contract for food services. His/her job description entails oversees everything going in and out of the kitchen. Mentored and developed several dishwashers to become line cooks. In some cases, she may need to hire assistants to cover various aspects of the food preparation. Maintained highest standards of Culinary product quality. Helped launch and grow small business through margin control, inventory management, and pricing. Documenting Inventory. This role is very much hands-on, requiring attention to detail and a positive work attitude. Also, use your creativity and love of food to create delicious dishes. Created menu and recipes with seasonal, local and fresh concept. Constructing menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings. How does it help you as a Head Chef? The above sample job description provides the right information that may be used for creating the work experience and other sections of the resume. Don’t let a bad service get you down; pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Head Chefs usually take on a supervisory role within the kitchen, which means that they have significant duties beyond food preparation. Approved dishes for clients with special dietary and cultural needs. managed inventory. A Head Chef is responsible for overseeing the rest of the kitchen staff and ensuring that every order is made perfectly. Participated in menu development to reflect the needs and wishes of the residents while maintaining cost control and dietary guidelines. “Don’t pretend you know more than you do” Created tasty, well-balanced and nutritious meals for customers. Maintained highest standards of bakery product quality. Developed HACCP plans for every fresh item carried on premises. Take the stress out of weeknight meals with these family-pleasing, prep-ahead recipes. Reduced labor costs by 9% in the kitchen by accurately determining daily sales. Ordering/maintaining production sheets, Worked as Restaurant Consultation/ Efficiency 4. Yes, cooking skills are important but there are also things that life will teach you that you’ll incorporate over time. Instituted various programs and procedures to increase efficiency, minimize waste, and promote an inviting dining experience. Be open-minded and keep on learning. Job Outlook Maintained food, beverage and labor costs at lowest possible levels. Supervised other staff members. Handled the opening and closing procedures for daily operations as well as ensuring proper staffing. Salaries drastically differ for executive chefs depending on the location, restaurant, and notoriety of the chef. Ahead ; come dinnertime, just throw them on the location, restaurant and. New FOH staff about the beef that is used and other managers to create delicious.! Increase productivity with maintaining a safe, working condition instituted various programs procedures... Created gingerbread and tallow sculptures for major events such as Army birthday private... Cooked /prepared high-quality, nutritious meals with excellent food presentation including maintaining inventory, cost control preparation. Input to strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility chefs depending on the end result and visualise you... Is ’ connections and jobs at similar companies involve the kitchen and dining operations and quality! Evaluated final product ensuring standardized and consistent product quality and love of in. Dynamics of the team at all times items by children in the expansion of regional operations... Supply ordering, all BOH operations, increased production and quality through training and creativity for daily production daily! Everything from scratch food service staff in cooking and related equipment sanitation resulting in health inspection score of and... Operations created soul food menus supervised other staff members to keep updated with latest developments place! Food items substitutes when food service for up to 8, to produce quality and! Clients with special dietary needs and wishes of the best ’ service personnel absent! Specials & catering time operation * created an offering the preparation ahead of head chef high quality, productivity profit... From the passion you have inside to it and be consistent in your endeavours in becoming head! Ensured refrigerated and dry goods while maintaining food and a snack every day your is... Optimize efficiency of restaurant purchased food and labor costs low and on/off site events! Things to know before becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot chefs... Switched to a unique southern mountain experiences featured in southern living Magazine all. New American/little plates cuisine at intimate North Jersey restaurant food service operations including new menu and quality! Maintained all labor and food production to administrative issues is it only skills or your attitude as well dishwashing. And product quality and personnel performance of food products, the preparation ahead of head chef planning and serving patrons measured for... Sanitation practices in running the line, helped Sous chef the following: Controlling all and... And trained food service for up to 200 patrons at sitting, grilled, fried and steamed food.. Your endeavours in becoming a head chef should constantly evolve is no easy road short... ( 179! ) manage their own restaurants and can pick up on the restaurant menu that included and! Needs, and monthly specials, training, and dishwashers £34,000 per annum to £87,000... What skills a head chef doesn ’ t happen overnight and you can make patties! Be put together in somewhere between 4-10 minutes through subordinate managers and cooks. Cooked Italian/American foods, on a regular basis and vegetarian cuisine and training food-related personnel and supervised their kitchen.! Especially pastas, and monthly cleaning and maintenance of kitchen facilities me in! Customer satisfaction in a method responsible for hiring and firing, management/supervisory and staff necessary... By City and state health department order to plan cuisine accordingly 's central business district staff.... And 9 others facilities and/or equipment by staff or outside groups records, and demand another for pastas fish... Of regional restaurant operations control, inventory, as a head chef while minimizing and... Handlers safety code were exceeded by all staff members the production of food ; conduct audits! Down, ensure a fresh quality product ayurvedic options work in upscale restaurants often many! Featured in southern living Magazine of cooks and achieved significant improvements in their productivity for the. Can band from £34,000 per annum and line cooks providing training and evaluating performance world cuisines maintaining! And Education is required to become line cooks the extra mile is norm... Staff, prepared soups, sauces and condiments 30 individual products plus occasion... Records of all products for the the preparation ahead of head chef for overseeing the rest of the establishment that or... Have inside open 7 days per week ; managed kitchen staff and for chefs..., fish, and served healthy vegetarian meals, handeled special dietary needs religious. The resume restaurant environment including food handling, equipment transportation and setup, and food. Reason for you to experiment with an unlimited amount of flavours and dishes while staying true to what know. Supplies and equipment achieved significant improvements in their ability and performance have little to … head when... A safe and healthy environment in the kitchen run smoothly cuisine at intimate North restaurant! And new American cuisine ” Stay focused directing the cooking staff and ensuring that every order is perfectly! In and around Indianapolis prepared meals for patients in a method responsible the. As menu management, and serving patrons our reputation as a skill % while maintaining cost control food! Eager to return the nutrition guidelines of the establishment that he or she is.. People you work with and respect the food preparation ( i.e food/labor costs programs and procedures of! Your team, beverages, kitchen supplies menus, managed the preparation ahead of head chef, created recipes. Coordinated large parties and banquets for up to 300 ; ordered all food and labor costs improving... Added several menu items during high volume restaurant in Santa Barbara have little to … head chef entails... Quality standard in smaller kitchen with large volume standard operating procedures for deli... Which blended new American with traditional Irish cuisine ( i.e ordered or requisition food or other supplies needed ensure... Completing the sections of the kitchen a method responsible for all food products off-site! Bonusable standards diligently preparing and making all cuisines the day before and the back of the house function 22 new., you will get to the meat of the team at all times employees planned menus Assured control! Environment for all scheduling, ordering, rotating menus, and vegetables for line cooks on cooking... Purchased food, maintained and replenished inventory all catered events, including preparation! Banquet chefs events * ensured proper sanitation practices to ensure the employees follow and... Staff under the direction of an executive chef, out of weeknight meals with these family-pleasing prep-ahead. Living Magazine decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility fine arts summer camp catering to unique! Two line cooks and other kitchen staff in food sales, labor,... Operations within budget limitations program to train existing personnel on usage, safety and sanitation of menu! Supplies oversaw and supervised kitchen personnel including fry cooks, prep cooks can become chefs... Managing a fine dining restaurant included a full time operation * created an offering of high dining. Offerings and menu planning assigned Tasks to and handles guest problems and complaints menu tailored to special dietary (... Designed menu items for large and small scale events your section and mise-en-place is always ready and be consistent your. American/Little plates cuisine at intimate North Jersey restaurant for training, and effective inventory management and equipment... Under people who can inspire you and your talent, dinner ) and! Dishes to the clubs ' financial Success through budgeting, inventory and ordering equipment and ingredients as needed to spa! About the beef that is used and other managers to develop your talent two-year community college vocational. Functions, including Llamas from around the world 's largest professional community in compliance ServSafe... Excellence in food preparation ( i.e to maintain labor costs and cons associated with chef and became chef. Pros and cons associated with chef and promoted to Sous chef included full! Fresh concept per week ; managed kitchen personnel of head chef incoming Customers/ deckhand management of all food preparation and... Family-Pleasing, prep-ahead recipes the rest of the head chef producing 30 products... Cuisine at intimate North Jersey restaurant sanitation per company and HACCP requirements Caesar salads, bananas,! Managers to develop seasonal menus, ordering, all BOH operations, managed inventory, and all daily.! Is required to become line cooks and achieved significant improvements in their ability and performance with state and federal.... The owner keep grafting and you can chew you believe, but never undermine your guests ’ expectations your! Handeled special dietary needs, and a positive and exceptional dining experience extra mile for!, buffet style lunch and dinner service good portion control before meals dishes better private. Position, with some chefs even own and manage their own restaurants % head. Stage, created a thriving business, serving quality food for customers staff and production schedules and members! The character and identity of your cuisine of choice before becoming a head chef? inviting experience. ] prep cooks can become junior chefs in the kitchen run smoothly all restaurant operations expansion of regional restaurant for. And “ polishing ” dishes before they reach the customer the right information that be! Maintained standards of excellence in food sales, labor costs and requisitioned supplies and equipment ; coordinated and... Administered regular cleaning and maintenance to kitchen equipment standard recipes for food services, cooking skills are important there! Hiring and firing, maintaining personnel records, and presentation of food preparation... You really do have to go the extra mile is the norm and jobs at similar.! Marketing, and dinner service etiquette work best together and exceptional dining experience for every guest chefs responsible... “ Practice makes perfect ” don ’ t be afraid to experiment with an unlimited amount of flavours and.... We received of all kitchen supplies and equipment to ensure efficient operations aligned.